Are you being told or do you know where your company risk is?

There is an increasing trend happening in the IT and Cyber Security, it is a trend that has always been present, but as new technologies arise, new problems appear.

The latest high profile breach. A new type of attack. Welcome to the new malwaretising. Act before it is too late. The worst is yet to come. All of these headings are frequently popping up across the internet and as a business owner, all these grabbing headlines can get you worried, however, there is a simple truth. Expect an attack, you will be breached, but, you are not at risk from every attack.

That’s why at Voodoo we get to know your business, the risks your business will be expecting and the best way to mitigate these. We do not want to sell you the most expensive systems that are over complicated and are simply not a great fit for your needs. We will however, create the right package for your needs.

Worrying about the latest hack trends will forever see you spending valuable resources on systems you may never need to implement. As your security team will know, you are a victim and whether its internal or external, data is leaving your company every day. Whether it is someone losing their company mobile, dropping a USB stick, opening a bad email attachment or your website being attacked, data is leaving your business. However, if you can not deal with these basic risks your expensive security system stands no chance.