Have you maximised your security for DDoS attacks?

Due to the increasing number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, a majority of corporate companies are bringing in preventative measures. The process which can take over the entire server within minutes has proved that the highest security systems, such as firewall and software, which are specialised in obstruction detection, are not always capable of stopping them. Whilst the latest techniques of DDoS attacks can be more hazardous, the security measures taken up by online industries should be equally stronger and dynamic. Therefore, to maximise your web security and avoid additional DDoS attempts, you should not ignore taking up the advanced measures and security to prohibit hackers and protect your IP and data.

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Maximising your security for DDoS attacks

Identify the characteristics of the attack:

Every DDoS attack might vary with its characteristics and techniques. Therefore, before you take up a certain method to eradicate threats, you should try to understand the unique and particular features of an attack. DDoS generally performs brute force attacks where every attacker will carry their sole procedures. They will possibly block your IP address and remain dispersed on the entire web. We can carry out a detailed revision of your internal and external threats and and locate vulnerable sections within your business to understand the quickest and most effective ways of mitigating risks.

The initial process:

The blocking process initially begins by setting up an obstruction within your system firewall. However, it is likely to happen that a high-bandwidth attack might drain your WAN connection which makes your services unreachable. In that case you might need to contact your ISP in order to allow them to perform the blocking procedure for you. With our managed services, we ensure implementation is carried out causing minimalistic effect on the business.

Specialist equipment can be referred to for premium DDoS mitigation softwares which run adjacent to the normal servers, routers and are positioned in the enterprise’s data center. The applications should be constantly analysed and update dby the security engineers to detect the real time threats.

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