Cyber Security for the basic user

Whether you’re an individual or a small business there are a number of basics that you can learn about cyber security to protect yourself for the future. Here are some basic tips about cyber security that can protect you online or help to protect your business if you plan on establishing a web presence.

Policy: an Internet use policies used by nearly every company on their website for both users and for employees. Having a policy about accessing files, the use of the site, third-party links and more is essential to maintaining cyber security online. An Internet use policy for your company or even for your home can help to protect your system from vulnerabilities.

Content filtering: filtering out spyware, ads and Internet threats can really help to protect your computer and make sure that none of the sites or content you access online can negatively impact your business or your family. You can even use content filtering to improve your productivity by blocking out distracting websites.

Antivirus/ anti-malware software: this is essential software for any home-based PC or business-based computer. Antivirus programs will constantly be running monitoring the files on your computer and protecting it from vulnerabilities. Some antivirus programs can even include e-mail protection, web scanning, content filters and automatic updates to make sure that you your computer is consistently protected against new threats.

Wi-Fi security: wireless security is extremely important and the right encryption can help to prevent people from accessing your network. Basic tools that every individual should consider our firewalls, a strong password and regular software update to make sure your network isn’t susceptible to new threats. Many businesses even consider the use of intrusion prevention systems, network access controllers, virtual private networks and more to protect their network and prevent intrusion.


Cyber Security Awareness


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