Cyber Security – Do you know enough about it?

With so many data breach incidents occurring in the news we have decided to hold an event. Having attended the Fitch Ratings event regarding cyber security within the insurance sector, it was fascinating to hear the views of underwriters, brokers and managing agents within the cities. We are therefore hosting a breakfast event on Tuesday 14th July at Corney and Barrow in Fenchurch Avenue (behind the Willis building).

The subjects that we are covering include:

  • Cyber: What is it?
  • Cyber: Why threats are increasing & how it can make your business suffer.
  • Cyber: How Voodootec can help you manage it with different solutions.
  • Q&A Session


The event is for CIO / COO / CEO’s of the insurance and finance sector so that we can gage current concerns and answer questions for those querying cyber security and data governance within the business. It will start from 8.15am for a breakfast reception, networking and the speakers. It will finish around 10am.

Doug Drummond, founder of Voodoo Technology will also be around for any further questions after the event.
If you are interested in attending we would love to have you there so please drop us an email at