As Christmas is approaching, everyone is busy online shopping at this festive season, however it is essential to maintain safety during online shopping. We all know that hackers keep a close eye on our online activities and particularly on ecommerce actions because they get the probability to steal our credit card information and identity from the information we provide. This is why a number of prevention measures should be considered in order to keep our information safe and secured from hackers.

hands typing shopping online this festive season

How can you stay safe online this festive season?

Beware of the fraudulent sites:

A large number of fake ecommerce sites will come up with outstanding offers seem enticing to users. With a wide variety of choices, discounts and cashback offers, they unbeatably manage to win the consumer’s faith and urge them to buy items, which in turn seize the consumer’s credit card and personal details by means of fake attention. So before finalising any purchase it is significant to research any specific site or use sites that you know are reputable retailers.

Check HTTPS:

It is important to check whether that site uses HTTPS. These indicate about the companys secure protocol data that you share and keeps it encrypted. So always check the address bar of your browser whether the url begins with HTTPS or not.

Avoid Public WiFi:

During any purchase, it is advisable to avoid public WiFi networks. With so many hackers being able to compremise public networks, with the aim to steal your personal information, we highly advise you carry out any activity that involves personal information on your home secure network.

Use of powerful passwords:

Make sure you use a strong and powerful password on your shopping portals. Strong passwords are identified with a mixture of upper and lower case letters or numbers or both along with symbols. Our previous password blog is a prime example of how you can utilise your security.

Safety at the checkout:

During checkout, the site will use SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) which encrypts your personal data before transmission to the web. This indicates that the website is verified and you can securely checkout from there.

So enjoy buying your presents and remain in the festive cheer – but always remember to stay safe while having fun!

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