Ask 100 security ‘professionals’ what vulnerability management is and at least half of them will begin with patching, another 25% will focus on vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, and the majority of the rest will start quoting the gamut of Risk Assessment¬†to Business Continuity. I’m not saying they are wrong, but most will not be […]

Ever wonder why data breaches are now called cyber attacks, or an application on the Internet is now called The Cloud? It’s for the same reason that Coca Cola is constantly changing it’s ‘look’, adding ‘new’ flavours of what is basically the same sugary mess, and why they’ve changed their slogan FORTY SEVEN times in […]

When you look at data security from a high level, so many things stand out as critically important that’s it’s difficult to determine¬†which are the MOST important. Senior Leadership buy-in, Governance, Risk Management, Asset Management and so on must be in place for a program to work, and the entire program fails if any one […]

Data breach and the information security sector is rife with negativity and pronouncements of doomsday, and while the title is no better, this blog is not meant to scare, but to provide an alternative view of the worst case scenario; a data breach and resulting forensics investigation. The fact remains that if your data is […]